Copyright Guidelines

Requirements for Using Our Podcast, Video Clips, and Other Content

We appreciate that you find our content valuable and want to share it with others. Please be aware that Scicomm Media and Huberman Lab (“our”) content is protected by US copyright law. Our content includes podcasts, transcripts, audio and video content, newsletters, photos, social media accounts and posts, and anything that we share.

You can share our copyrighted content or incorporate it into your content (“use” our copyrighted content), as long as you kindly respect our rights and adhere to the guidelines below. By using our content, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

1. No Commercial Use

You can use our content for educational or informational purposes only. Your use of our content must be completely non-commercial, meaning you cannot stand to profit from your use of our content—even if the ultimate purpose of the use is educational or informational. For example, you cannot charge money for others to access our content through you, or use our content in a class, seminar, or other presentation that attendees must pay money to attend. These examples are not exhaustive of all uses that may be considered “commercial in nature,” so we ask that you contact us if you are unsure.

If you want to use our content for a commercial purpose, please contact us directly at [email protected] to inquire about a license.

2. No Endorsement

You cannot state or imply that we or our affiliates endorse or are affiliated with you, your content, or your company. In particular, do not:

State or imply that you are promoting us or that we are promoting you, or otherwise exaggerate your relationship with Huberman Lab, Scicomm Media or any of our employees, guests, affiliates, or hosts.

State or imply that we approve of you, your content, your work, or your beliefs of any kind.

Make our content more prominent than other content displayed near our content.

Create a service that does little or nothing more than share our content.

3. No Harmful or Offensive Uses

You cannot use our content to harm or offend others or for any illegal purposes, including, without limitation, to insult, mislead, or defame others, promote criminal activity, or put any person at risk. Additionally, you cannot use our content in any manner that may harm our or our affiliates’ reputations.

4. Attribution

Our content is carefully developed and curated, and we take pride in what we produce. If you use our content in any manner, you must properly attribute our content to us and include both (1) a clear and conspicuous statement that Scicomm Media LLC owns the copyright to the content, and (2) a link to the original source of the content. You must make it clear that this statement and link apply to our content and not any other content that might be shown near it.

5. Limited Use

Your use of any of our recorded audio or video content, such as audio or video clips of our podcasts, must be limited to short excerpts that do not exceed one minute of a single work. To be clear, a single podcast episode is one example of a “single work.” Your uses of any of our written, photographic, or other content, such as our newsletters or social media posts, must be limited to only as much of a single work as is necessary for your use. A single newsletter is one example of a “single work” in this respect.

You also must ensure that you display our content accurately, and if we have published multiple versions of the content, you must use the latest version of the work.

6. No Derivative Works

While we do not own the exclusive rights to the underlying facts that are shared in our content, the content we publish is our independent creation and we alone have the exclusive right to create derivative works of our content. Therefore, you may not adapt, alter, transform, translate, or build upon our content in any way unless we give you express permission. If we do grant you express permission, your use cannot exceed the scope of permission we grant.

No Deepfakes

You may not use any of our content to generate new synthetic media or content that uses or displays, or purports to use or display, the image, voice, or likeness of any of our employees, affiliates, or podcast guests and hosts. For clarity, you cannot create a deepfake or otherwise use machine learning or artificial intelligence technology to generate any content that could reasonably be mistaken as (1) a sound recording of one of our employees’, affiliates’, or hosts’ voices; (2) a video or video clip featuring one of our employees, affiliates, or hosts; or (3) content that we have generated ourselves.

Your use of our content must comply with all applicable copyright laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the Copyright Act of 1976, all state laws that affect copyright protection, and all international treaties and conventions to which the United States is a party.

8. Changes to These Guidelines

We reserve the right to modify and update these guidelines at any time by posting amended guidelines on our website. Please refer to these guidelines regularly, as your continuing use of our content will remain subject to these guidelines at all times.

If you have questions about any of these guidelines or need clarification on how these guidelines might apply to your individual use case, please contact us directly at [email protected].